Get 3 Free Mint-Condition, Uncirculated Official USPS Black American Stamps* Mounted on Deluxe Bio Cards

*These official stamps have been discontinued and are no longer sold by the Post Office

These Rare, Collector's Edition, Official USPS Stamps Are No Longer Sold At The Post Office, But Are Available From The Black Heritage Commemorative Society For a Limited Time Only...

You pay only shipping & handling

Prepare to be inspired by these three Fearless Female Pioneers

  • Bessie Coleman
  • Rosa Parks
  • Madam C.J. Walker

We pay for the stamps and biography cards - you only pay for shipping & handling!


Supply is limited, so don't wait!

Each uncirculated stamp itself is in exquisite, mint condition and mounted on its own deluxe biography card. The 9" X 10" card is absolutely gorgeous...with a wonderful vintage photo on the front and a complete biography on the reverse along with information about the stamp.  

These three stamps and matching biographies are part of a larger collection of African American stamps and biographies.

Due to limited supplies, this offer is not likely to be repeated.

Our First African American Pilot - Bessie Coleman


"This is a wonderful collection..."

"Just received my set of Fearless Female Pioneers. This is a wonderful collection of Black American achievement and history…looking forward to collecting all the biographies. My family will enjoy this for many years.”  

- Brenda C., Collector 

"Thank you so much..."

"I just love everything about your stamps. Thank you so much for making these commemoratives available.”  

- Patricia B., Collector 

"Thank you for sending..."

“I want my children to know where they come from and have a good sense of their cultural identity. Collecting these stamps, looking at these pictures, reading the biographies, these are things we can do together as a family. My kids range in age from 7 to sixteen and we all love them!” 

- Debbie S., Mother

Here’s what you’ll get:  

3 Collector's Edition Deluxe 9" x 10" Glossy Biography Cards

Our First African American Pilot - Bessie Coleman

First Lady Of Civil Rights - Rosa Parks

Self-Made Millionnare - Madam C.J. Walker

You’ll receive all three mint-condition stamps and matching deluxe, oversized, 9" x 10" biography cards shown above.  

They're beutiful cards and are a great way to get the kids and family interested in their history. They not only ‘look’ valuable, they are uncirculated and increase in value each year.  

What can you lose for only shipping - it’s obvious that by just looking at them here that they’re worth more than the cost of shipping. 

Supply is limited, so don't wait!